Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm an editor with five years' experience at a publishing firm in NYC and Chicago, as well as an online editing company. I was educated at Northwestern (B.A.) and Columbia (M.F.A. Fiction) and specialize in creative writing critique. My own writing has appeared in The Southern Review, Massachusetts Review, North American Review, The Tampa Review, The Gettysburg Review, Nimrod, and other journals.

People hire me to look over first drafts, to polish a final, query-able manuscript, or for tasks in between. I've worked on memoirs, works of non-fiction, and textbooks. I do this full-time, and therefore offer a speedy turnaround. I have piles and piles of references available.

As a writer myself, I understand how important it is to find an editor with whom you connect, and who understands your project. The best editing not only corrects mistakes, it polishes and sculpts the manuscript into a truer version of itself.

For an exact quote, or to speak directly to my references, send me an email at:


Roger Z. said...

Glad to see you finally have a web presence! Keep up the good work. The book comes out in November!!!

Chad said...

I'd love to work with you. Email is in the inbox. Talk to you soon.